Thursday, November 5, 2009

NFL Week 9 Predictions

We are already past the halfway point of the NFL season! With the World Series occupying too much of my time, I'm keeping things short this week with just one line about each game. Don't worry, things will return to normal next week.

Here are my picks for Week 9 of the NFL season. Remember, all picks are made strictly based on who I think will win and do not take the spread into consideration.

Record Last Week: 8-5, .615
Overall Record: 82-34, .707

Byes: Bills, Browns, Jets, Raiders, Rams, Vikings

Sunday Day Games:

Redskins (2-5) @ Falcons (4-3) The Falcons looked pretty impressive against the Saints so they should have no problems here. My pick: Falcons

Cardinals (4-3) @ Bears (4-3) This is one of the tougher games of the week with both teams playing pretty bad football. Yes, I know the Bears beat the Browns last week but you can play terrible and still beat them. My pick: Cardinals

Ravens (4-3) @ Bengals (5-2) The Ravens look poised to fight their way back into playoff contention and the Bengals look poised to fall back to the pack. My pick: Ravens

Texans (5-3) @ Colts (7-0) The Colts always beat the Texans. My pick: Colts

Dolphins (3-4) @ Patriots (5-2) Wildcat tomfoolery won't work against the Patriots who appear to have found their groove on offense again. My pick: Patriots

Packers (4-3) @ Bucs (0-7) Somebody help out Aaron Rodgers! The Packers aren't doing anything in the playoffs if they can't find someone who can block. Won't matter against the Bucs, though. My pick: Packers

Chiefs (1-6) @ Jaguars (3-4) How amazing was Maurice Jones-Drew last week? 22 yards per carry!? Why the Jags only gave him 8 carries is mystifying. My pick: Jaguars

Lions (1-6) @ Seahawks (2-5) The Lions continue to play teams that are just as bad as them but I don't like their chances on the road in this one. My pick: Seahawks

Panthers (3-4) @ Saints (7-0) A quick scan of the Saints schedule and I can't find one game where I will be picking against them. My pick: Saints

Chargers (4-3) @ Giants (5-3) I'm soooo tempted to pick the Chargers but the Giants have to bounce back this week. They can't lose 4 in a row and expect to make the playoffs. My pick: Giants

Titans (1-6) @ Niners (3-4) Chris Johnson thinks the Titans can "run the table" and get into the playoffs? Um, you'll win this week, but you aren't winning 10 in a row. My pick: Titans

Sunday Night Game:

Cowboys (5-2) @ Eagles (5-2) With the NFC East division lead on the line, you can bet the Eagles will be coming out fired up for this one. With Brian Westbrook back to add to the weaponry and the defense playing like gangbusters, I like the Birds to win this one by 10. My pick: Eagles

Monday Night Game:

Steelers (5-2) @ Broncos (6-1) The Broncos slow fade back to normalcy continues this week. Look, Denver is still going to make the playoffs, but they aren't THAT good. My pick: Steelers

Those are my picks for Week 9 of the NFL Season. Check back every Thursday during the season for the latest predictions. Feel free to discuss, argue or make your own picks in the comment section!

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