Friday, April 24, 2009

As the Anquan turns: Boldin rumors are flying

Rumors always swirl right before the NFL Draft, with players being made available and teams trying to move up and down in the draft. Anquan Boldin has long been rumored to be on the move out of Arizona due to contractual issues, and today a series of rumors began flying out of Arizona that signify his situation might be sorted out soon.

The first bit of information that came out today was that the Cardinals have lowered their asking price for the star receiver. Arizona originally wouldn't settle for anything less than a 1st round pick but today they said they would be willing to accept a 2nd round pick packaged with a player. ESPN's Sal Paolantonio reported this info that made it seem like the Cards were getting desperate and trying to move Boldin right away. Might I suggest Reggie Brown and the Eagles 2nd this year?

Ah, hold on Eagles fans, not so fast! The Cardinals GM Rod Graves then came out and said that he hasn't lowered the price for Anquan Boldin because he isn't really on the market. Graves also said that the team is still trying to sign Boldin to an extension and they think they can get one done sooner later than later.

But wait, there's more! According to Sal Pal again, the Eagles officially made an offer for Boldin: a 3rd round pick this year, a 2nd round pick in 2010 and Winston Justice. The Eagles have plenty of draft picks and have been willing to shop Justice, so the deal makes sense on their end. However, on the Cardinals end, it does seem like a bit of a lowball offer.

And the Cardinals apparently agree! The Cards officially rejected the Eagles offer and instead seemed to have struck up some kind of agreement with the Tennessee Titans. Apparently, at some point, Boldin's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, had some contact with the Titans, presumably to talk contract extension. So, the Titans must have had an offer on the table that the Cardinals liked?

Actually, not really. The Cardinals once again publicly stated that they are not trying to trade Boldin and that they have rejected all offers from other teams. Arizona has made it clear that they are listening to offers, but not actively looking to deal Boldin.

So, what do we make from all of this speculation and rumor? Anquan Boldin can be had for the right price. The Cardinals are denying that Boldin is available because they don't want to just throw him on the market and get lowball offers, but they clearly are willing to move him if they get offered a good package of picks and players. This move, if it happens at all, will likely go down tomorrow during the draft. If it doesn't happen tomorrow, then it probably won't happen at all.

As I have stated all along, if Anquan Boldin is on the market, the Eagles better be putting all of their effort into trying to bring him to Philly. If he can be had for a 2nd round pick and a player, there is no excuse not to get something done.

Keep checking back for the latest Boldin rumors! Things are going to get really interesting in the next 24 hours.

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