Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tony Gonzalez traded to the wrong Birds

One rumor that had been gaining steam recently was the Eagles wanting tight end Tony Gonzalez. News had surfaced that the Eagles were willing to give the Chiefs a 3rd round pick for the veteran Pro Bowl tight end. Gonzalez would have been a great fit with the Eagles, a significant upgrade over the departed L.J. Smith as the primary pass-catching tight end.

Unfortunately, the Eagles were outbid. Gonzalez was traded to the Atlanta Falcons today for a 2nd round pick in 2010. It's a pretty good price to pay for a tight end who caught 96 passes and 10 touchdowns last season. The Falcons are an elite offense now, with Pro Bowlers at tight end, wide receiver (Roddy White) and running back (Michael Turner) and a future Pro Bowler at quarterback in Matt Ryan.

The Eagles are still left searching for a top pass catcher. Anyone heard any good Anquan Boldin rumors lately?

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