Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hey, they're still the Champs!

So what if the Phillies lost their first game this season, 4-1 to the Braves?

Who cares that Brett Myers gave up three homers to the first 8 batters he faced?

So what if the Phillies looked feeble at the plate as they managed only two hits off Derek Lowe in 8 innings? And, so what if they were never really in the game until Lowe was pulled and the Braves turned to their closer, Mike Gonzalez?

And, who cares that Ryan Howard predictably struck out when he had a chance to tie the game? And so what if newly acquired Raul Ibanez did the same?

Who cares if they are 0-1?

At least Brad Lidge pitched a perfect inning.

At least Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz were healthy and in the lineup.

At least they made it interesting in the 9th inning.

At least they're playing baseball again.

The Phillies are still the WORLD CHAMPIONS! And don't you forget it!

I think we are all just glad that baseball is back. Let's go get 'em next time.

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