Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 Phillies Predictions

That image above is that last time we saw the Phillies playing. What will 2009 hold for the defending World Champs? Over the last few days, I made my NL and AL predictions. Today, I will look more in-depth look at the Phillies and make predictions for each individual player. I'll make predictions for all players on the Opening Day roster, plus J.C. Romero.

Phillies Overall Record: 94-68 (Division Winner, Lose in the World Series)

Pitchers: (W-L, ERA, Saves)

Joe Blanton: 13-10, 4.30
He won't put up sparkling numbers but he will pitch deep into games and stay healthy, everything you want in a #4 starter.

Clay Condrey: 2-2, 4.25
Always seems to have a precarious hold on a roster spot, I expect his ERA to drop a bit

Chad Durbin: 4-2, 3.30
There is almost no way he can repeat his 2008 performance when his ERA was a sparkling 2.87. He will still be a reliable 7th inning guy but he'll fall back towards his career norms.

Scott Eyre: 3-2, 4.40
Completely shut hitters down upon arriving in Philly last year, he will struggle when he is asked to be the top lefty out of the pen but will flourish again once Romero comes back.

Cole Hamels: 17-9, 3.15
Will get better run support this year and rack up a few more wins. Also expect at least one short DL stint.

J.A. Happ: 5-6, 4.25
Will get a chance to start a few games this year due to injuries and will be solid but not great. Will be frustrated with his current bullpen role in and struggle in the beginning of the year.

Brad Lidge: 2-2, 2.74, 40 saves.
He's going to blow a save sometime early in the season which will ease the pressure on him a bit. He will remain one of the elite closers in the game.

Ryan Madsen: 4-3, 3.45, 2 saves
Will continue to be a reliable 8th inning option, will gets tons of innings early in the year with Romero out and that could lead to fatigue later in the season.

Jamie Moyer: 15-12, 4.54
Old Man Moyer will continue to eat innings and fool just enough hitters to pick up a good number of wins.

Brett Myers: 16-11, 3.78
No minor league stints for Myers this year, I think his head is on straight and he is going to have one of his best seasons.

Chan Ho Park: 9-7, 5.20
I'm not expecting much from Park, I expect him to lose his job after 15 starts or so and then slide into a long relief role.

J.C. Romero: 4-2, 2.99, 2 saves
The league should be very fearful of an angry Romero when he comes back.

Hitters (AVG, HR's, RBI's)


Chris Coste: .254, 6, 25
This may finally be the year that Coste gets supplanted by Lou Marson as backup catcher, but Coste will still put up decent numbers.

Carlos Ruiz: .232, 6, 41
There is only one way for that average to go, and that's up. His real value is in how he calls the game.


Eric Bruntlett: .234, 2, 12
Will get his usual smattering of at bats here in there as a defensive replacement.

Miguel Cairo: .250, 0, 9
Don't expect much from Cairo, it's still unclear what his exact role with the team will be. He isn't a strong enough hitter to be a reliable pinch hitter.

Greg Dobbs: .275, 7, 35
I expect his production to decline just a bit. Will still be one of the best pinch hitters.

Pedro Feliz: .253, 16, 52
More valuable in the field, let's just hope he stays healthy. I would love to see him find his power stroke again.

Ryan Howard: .265, 45, 140
The power numbers will still be there and he'll raise his average just a touch. Not quite good enough to compete for MVP.

Jimmy Rollins: .275, 15, 65
A little more power from Rollins but still nowhere near his MVP numbers.

Chase Utley: .322, 35, 128
My exact prediction from last year with the exact same comment: "MVP! MVP! Those numbers should get it done."

Raul Ibanez: .290, 25, 112
The difference between him and Burrell is that batting average. He won't hit for as much power but he will still drive in a ton of runs.

Matt Stairs: .260, 9, 26
I'm not convinced he remains on the roster all year. He's too much of a defensive liability to be useful.

Shane Victorino: .285, 12, 50
A slight drop in his production but he will still tear up the base paths.

Jayson Werth: .277, 18, 58
Last year was probably his peak year so he is on his way back down.

So that's what I think will happen this season. Agree or disagree with my predictions? Want to make your own? Include your thoughts in the comment section.

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