Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anquan Boldin wants a new deal by Tuesday or he wants out of Arizona

The Anquan Boldin saga continues. The disgruntled Cardinals wide receiver, who had recently softened on his demands to be traded out of Arizona, has given the Cardinals an ultimatum: give me a contract extension by Tuesday (Feb. 24) or trade me.

Boldin made this statement while being interviewed on radio station XTRA 910 in Arizona. Apparently his change of heart about wanting out of town was only for a limited time. I am not sure what the significance is of a Tuesday deadline, but presumably that would give the Cardinals enough time to trade Boldin before free agency begins, should they choose to do so.

However, according to Arizona GM Rod Graves, the Cardinals stance with Anquan Boldin hasn't changed. In a quote from an article written by Paul Domowitch for, Graves made it pretty clear the team wasn't going to be pressured into extending Boldin's contract: "Anquan has 2 years left on his contract. We understand how he feels and we’re taking all of that into consideration. And hopefully, we’ll address it over time."

Sounds like Boldin won't get his extension before Tuesday, but Eagles fans shouldn't start buying their Boldin jerseys yet. Just because Boldin wants out doesn't mean the Cardinals are going to trade him. They may be forced to down the road, especially if Boldin continues to create problems or he chooses to hold out, but for now he is still an Arizona Cardinal.

With Drew Rosenhaus representing Boldin, it may be only a matter of time before enough things are said for Boldin to be shipped out of town. Should that happen, the Eagles better be ready and waiting to make an offer the moment Boldin goes on the market.

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