Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Geoff Jenkins released, Phillies pursuing Sheffield?

In an effort to make room for Matt Stairs, or to possibly acquire another right handed bat, the Phillies have released outfielder Geoff Jenkins. Jenkins spent one year with the Phils and hit .246 with 9 homers. He was signed last offseason with the thought that he would be a solid platoon partner with Jayson Werth in right but he never really got his bat going. Jenkins will likely be picked up by another team and should have no regrets about his one championship season in Philly.

Releasing Jenkins forces the Phils to eat his 8 million dollar salary. Any team that picks him up would only have to pay him the veteran minimum, which would reduce how much the Phillies have to pay Jenkins. Obviously, the Phils couldn't find any team willing to take on Jenkins' large salary and that is why they were forced to release him.

This move opens up a roster spot for Matt Stairs, who previously looked like the odd man out. Of course, the Phillies could also go out and get another right handed bat to add to the mix and that would force them to drop Stairs. Todd Zolecki of the Zo Zone even discusses the possibility of the Phils adding recently released Gary Sheffield to the roster since he is in the same boat as Jenkins and could be signed to a cheap contract. I'm not sure Sheffield can really play in the field anymore, but if he is willing to be more of a pinch hitter and not a clubhouse cancer, I see now reason why the Phillies wouldn't try to sign him.

Good luck, Geoff Jenkins. Thanks for everything you did, no matter how small, to help the Phillies win the title!

Update: According to Zolecki, the Phillies have been in contact with Sheffield's agent. Things are about to get interesting!

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