Saturday, March 7, 2009

The cancer known as T.O. will now infect Buffalo

That really didn't take long, did it? After more than half the NFL made it known that they wouldn't sign recently released Terrell Owens, all it took was a few days for T.O. to find a new home. I guess it only takes one desperate team, which the Buffalo Bills certainly are. T.O. signed a one year deal with the Bills worth 6.5 million dollars. In all likelihood, Owens will use this one year to prove that he can still be a solid citizen and a contributing member to an NFL team before he looks for a bigger contract. Buffalo was smart to give him no more than one year because this signing could easily blow up in their faces.

So, T.O. will now be a part of an offense that features Trent Edwards at quarterback. If he had issues with Pro Bowl QB's like Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo, you can imagine what kind of problems are going to arise in Buffalo. It should be fun to watch T.O. blow up another team, too bad it's not another rival of the Eagles.

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