Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eagles work out Boldin (No, not that one!)

According to, a wide receiver named Boldin has had a private workout with the Eagles. No, it isn't Anquan, but it is his younger brother, D.J. Boldin. D.J. was a wideout for Wake Forest who isn't getting a lot of draft attention but the Eagles invited him in to take a closer look. D.J. figures to be a second day pick, but he is big and strong like his older brother Anquan and he did lead the ACC with 77 catches last year.

Could the Eagles be setting things up for a Boldin brother reunion? If D.J. really plays a lot like Anquan then it would seem pointless to have two receivers that play the same style, but if it makes coming to Philly more enticing for Anquan, I'm all for it!

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threio said...

maybe they are trying to push Jason Avant a bit. Avant plays the same type game, just doesn't have enough experience in my opinion.