Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cowboys release T.O., move along Eagles fans

There's a new number one receiver on the market for Eagles fans to drool over. Unfortunately, it's one that we are all too familiar with.

The Cowboys finally came to their senses and realized Terrell Owens is a cancer to their team and released the controversial wideout. The release will cost the Cowboys 9 million dollars against the cap, so you can be sure they really wanted T.O. out. He spent three years with the Cowboys and had at least 1000 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns in each season. He is coming off his worst full season since 1999 in terms of on-field production and the Cowboys must have realized it wasn't worth the aggravation of putting up with the mouthy, over-rated wide receiver.

The Eagles have been linked to every possibly available number one receiver in the league, so you can bet speculation has already begun that this very available receiver is coming back to Philly. Don't count on that happening, however. Even though T.O. has seemingly mended his relationship with Donovan McNabb, the Eagles have numerous reasons why they won't even think about bringing him back. From a locker room perspective, the Birds have already lived through the disruptions this guy causes. From a P.R. perspective, the Eagles just let their most beloved player go so you can bet there is no way they would bring in a player that every fan hates. Finally, from an on-the-field perspective, T.O. just doesn't have it anymore and wouldn't be much of an upgrade over what the Eagles already have.

In conclusion, don't worry about our receivers anymore, Eagles fans, it could be worse. We could have Roy Williams as our number one wideout.


Pete said...


you should come by and participate in this, feel free to promote the blog...

joe said...

T.O. is just what the eagles need rite now-oh and also a super bowl ring-forgive and forget-just win baby-us fans are tired of the constant rebuilding process-start buying and drafting worthwhile players-a championship will be like a dry towel for all those years of tears we've been put thru-get over it mcdrab or get out!

Anonymous said...

we could have roy williams as our number one wideout... haha.. who the fuck do the eagles have? desean pussy jackson 5'' nothing little shit. ha