Friday, March 6, 2009

Eagles sign replacement for Brian Dawkins

The Eagles have finally dipped back into the free agent pool and pulled in another player. Don't get too excited, however.

The Birds signed safety Sean Jones, who played for the Cleveland Browns for the last five years, to a one year contract worth 3 million dollars. Jones has played more strong safety than free safety in the NFL, but the Eagles figure to at least give him a shot to take over for the departed Brian Dawkins.

I don't know much about Jones as a player other than the fact that he has an impressive 14 interceptions and 286 tackles in 60 career games. He is clearly a playmaker who has a nose for the football.

Jones missed weeks 2-6 of last season after he had surgery on his right knee. His injury made it so few teams showed interest in Jones, and that is exactly why he wanted to sign a one year contract. Jones thinks he can put together one good season and then re-visit the free agent market to try to get a bigger contract. For that very reason, the Eagles and Jones make a good match. The Eagles already have safety Quintin Demps on the roster but they feel he might not be ready to start in 2009. Jones can hold on to the starting position until Demps beats him out, and since it's a one year contract, even if Jones loses the job in Week One, the Eagles won't lose much on their investment.

That may be it for the Eagles in free agency. They definitely won't be going after T.O. and there really isn't much else out there, so everything else the Eagles add will have to be at the draft.


Anonymous said...

He sat out the first four games of the '08 season, idiot...

EnriqueFed said...

Actually, he missed weeks 2-6, thanks for the constructive feedback