Monday, February 23, 2009

Video: Sixers lose to Nets on crazy halfcourt shot

We've all seen halfcourt shots to win basketball games before, but what Devin Harris does to beat the Sixers at the buzzer on Monday Night is just ridiculous:

No matter how many times I watch this clip, I think there is no way he can get enough control on the ball to actually put it anywhere close to the basket, let alone swishing it home. The other thing I can't believe is how close Andre Iguodala is to fouling Harris and giving him a chance to win the game at the free throw line.

The Sixers, now losers of four games in a row, just keep finding new ways to lose a basketball game.

Thanks to for uploading this to YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

My initial reaction watching this is that there is no way that can all happen in under two seconds.