Monday, February 23, 2009

Marvin Harrison and the Eagles: a perfect match?

Why is it that every available receiver be linked to the Eagles? The next wideout linked to the Birds is Colts veteran Marvin Harrison, who is likely to get cut in the coming days due to his large salary and dwindling statistics. The Eagles make a possible landing spot for Harrison because he is a native Philadelphian and he has ties with Donovan McNabb, a fellow teammate at Syracuse.

However, why the Eagles would want this aging receiver is beyond me. Yes, he is an 8 time Pro Bowler, but he will turn 37 in August and is way past his prime. In the last two seasons combined, Harrison has caught only 80 passes for only 883 yards. He has dealt with a number of injuries, but those two seasons combined are much worse than anything he put up in his prime, when he routinely had 100 catches and 1500 yards. He has lost more than a step or two since those days.

So, while Harrison will very likely want to come home to Philly should he get cut, let's hope the Eagles don't make the interest mutual. Harrison could be had for a cheap price, but he would be nothing more than a number three wideout on this team behind Kevin Curtis and DeSean Jackson. Even then, is he really much better than Jason Avant?

If signing Marvin Harrison would mean the end of any possibility of the Eagles getting Anquan Boldin or T.J. Houshmandzadeh, then I am against the move. If the Eagles have no other options, then a year of a broken down Harrison catching 45 passes wouldn't be so bad. Just don't expect Harrison to be the playmaker the team sorely needs.


bigcityballer said...

Even with his diminished speed and injuries, he's an upgrade from Greg Lewis, Nah Brown - sorry I meant the other receiver named Brown that stinks. Still, he's a last minute add-on and only AFTER the real needs get filled.

bhite said...

DeSean Jackson could learn many things from Marvin Harrison, if the salary isnt insane it is worth bring a mentor in for Jackson.

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