Monday, February 16, 2009

Phantoms to wear jersey honoring the Broad Street Bullies

The Philadelphia Phantoms, in their final season playing across the street from the Flyers, are honoring their NHL club by wearing a special jersey commemorating the best Flyers teams ever. As we all know, the Flyers won two Stanley Cup in the 70's with a team nicknamed the Broad Street Bullies for the way they beat teams down while they beat them on the scoreboard. The Phantoms will wear a jersey that features an orange and black color scheme along with the name "Broad Street Bullies" across the front for a home game on February 20th. These aren't throwback jerseys, they are jerseys specifically designed for this event.

The idea sounds cool, but I'm not too crazy about the jersey design. The horizontal black and white stripes remind me too much of a prison uniform. It's also interesting they chose to feature Claude Giroux's jersey on the website considering he won't be playing for the Phantoms any time soon. At least it isn't as ugly as the throwback uni's the Canadiens wore a few weeks back:

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GM-Carson said...

Awesome jerseys!

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