Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tough loss to swallow for the Eagles

(AP Photo/Tim Sharp)
I have just a few quick thoughts after a draining Eagles loss to the Cowboys on Monday Night:

-First of all, it was a tremendous game, at least offensively. Lots of big plays and tons of scoring made it a very entertaining game. I just wonder what happened to the defense in this one. Yeah, the Eagles forced Tony Romo into a few big turnovers, but they couldn't make the big stops when they needed them.

-The Eagles offense was good but not great. Donovan McNabb looked solid for most of the game when he had time to find his receivers, but as the game wore on the Cowboys pressure was forcing him to do too much. It also didn't help that the Eagles have several third string wide receivers that probably had trouble getting open, but McNabb had to do too much dancing in the pocket. He definately looks like the young, nimble McNabb of a few years ago, but he can't do it all on his own.

-DeSean Jackson is a bonehead. See my previous post for the video. At least he made up for it with several nice catches later in the game.

-The last play in the game was also stupid. What is Andy Reid thinking calling a dumb hook and ladder play withthe game on the line? It was 4th and 17, not 4th and 40. McNabb could have easily found someone open downfield if a better play was called.

-The special teams took a step back tonight. They looked more like the 2007 Eagles special teams in how they gave up the big return for a touchdown and had a few penalties on returns of their own. Jackson never had any room to make any plays on his punt returns because no one blocked for him.

The loss is a tough one for the Eagles and their fans, but it's not the end of the world, nor the end of the season for that matter. The Eagles showed that they are just as good as the Cowboys, and a few bounces or a few less fumbles would have led to a win for the Birds. Things don't get any easier against the undefeated Steelers next week, but at least that game is at home. The Eagles defense will need to step things up against Pittsburgh because the Steelers D won't let Philly put up 37 points.


Anonymous said...

A FREAKING HOOK AND LADDER on 4th and 17? After Mcnabb was throwing long passes down the field and down the middle on the cowboys ALL NIGHT?

Why do philly fans always place blame on Mcnabb.. what is he to do when the idiot coach calling plays calls in a play like that?

EnriqueFed said...

No blame can be placed on McNabb for this one, although the fumble was his fault. McNabb played a great game and did everything he could do with his feet to save the Birds.

The hook and ladder call was one that looks stupid because it didn't work but would look brilliant if it did.