Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The NFC East is a Beast: ESPN NFL Power Rankings

I don't normally take too much stock in the ESPN Power Rankings but their Week 4 rankings reflect how dominant the NFC East has been this season: ESPN has ranked the Cowboys first, the Giants second and the Eagles third. It's not only a statement about how good those three teams have looked, it's also difficult to argue with. Who in the NFL has been better this season? The Colts are 1-2. The Patriots have fallen mightily. The Steelers got manhandled by the Eagles last week. The Bills and Titans haven't proven anything yet. With the Cowboys beating the Packers last week, there isn't anyone else in the NFC who measures up.

Need more proof of the NFC East's dominance? The NFC East as a whole is 10-2. The only 2 games they have lost are against each other, meaning the division is undefeated (8-0) against non-division opponents. The Eagles are 2-1 and are tied for last place in the division. The Redskins, who are ranked 15th in the ESPN Power Rankings, have won two straight since losing to the Giants in Week One.

The NFC East is truly a beast. There has to be a way for all four teams to make the playoffs. Let's just leave the winner of the crappy NFC West out.

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