Monday, September 1, 2008

Sixers add Donyell Marshall

The Sixers offseason just keeps getting better and better. The Sixers started off by adding a star player in Elton Brand, then they went out and signed several complementary players before re-signing two key players already on the team, Andre Iguodala and Louis Williams.

Now, the Sixers have added another free agent who can help this team take the next step, 35 year old forward Donyell Marshall. Marshall gives the Sixers another threat from outside, something they have been searching for ever since they traded Kyle Korver. Marshall, a 15 year NBA veteran who has bounced around the league, spent last season with the Cavaliers and Sonics but was recently bought out by Seattle/Oklahoma City. He had an off year last year as he dealt with injuries, but he is still a quality veteran presence who can fill it up from outside. Marshall will be signed to a minimum salary that is worth slightly more than one million dollars.

While I like this signing and feel that Marshall will be a great player and get tons of looks from the outside with defenses focusing on Elton Brand, I wonder where he fits in on the roster. With the recent signing of Theo Ratliff, the Sixers already had 13 players under contract. With his injury, Jason Smith won't be playing this season, but, barring more injuries, that still leaves one more player that will either get cut or traded.

Here's the Sixers roster:

PG Andre Miller
SG Andre Iguodala
SF Thaddeus Young
PF Elton Brand
C Samuel Dalembert

PG Louis Williams
SG Kareem Rush
SG Willie Green
SG Royal Ivey
F Donyell Marshall
PF Reggie Evans
F/C Marreese Speights
C Theo Ratliff
F/C Jason Smith (Inj.)

Like I said before, this team is incredibly deep. There isn't a useless player in the bunch. As I have mentioned, the Sixers still have too many guards so it would make sense if they trade Willie Green for picks. That would eliminate the need of having to cut a role player like Royal Ivey.

Marshall is another solid addition to the team. At this point, the Sixers have moved well out of "just hoping to make the playoffs" and into the role of an Eastern Conference contender.

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