Monday, September 1, 2008

Phillies call up 4, more on the way

September 1st is here, and that means that MLB teams can start calling up reinforcements. The Phillies already called up four players from the minors:

P Adam Eaton
OF Greg Golson
P J.A. Happ
C Lou Marson

Eaton and Happ both have been with the club while Golson and Marson are making their major league debuts.

Eaton and Happ figure to settle into long relief roles. Both are starting pitchers joining a team that already has a set rotation so their contributions could be minimal. Let's hope that Eaton sees very minimal time on the mound, I for one have enjoyed his time away from the team.

Golson figures to play a small role on the team as a pinch runner and as Burrell's late inning defensive replacement. Golson isn't great with the bat but he can run and play the field well. He can only be better than So Taguchi.

Marson will be the third catcher, at least for now. The Phillies will probably call up more reinforcements from the Lehigh Valley squad, and you can bet catcher Jason Jaramillo will get the call and he will be the third catcher.

Besides Jaramillo, the Phillies will probably call up a handful of other players from the minors. Mike Cervenak figures to get the call since he wasn't terrible in his limited playing time last month. T.J. Bohn was another player who saw time with the Phillies earlier in the year and he is a candidate to re-join the team. Expect pitchers like Joe Bisenius, Les Walrond, Drew Carpenter and R.J. Swindle to also be considered. There is also talk that Jason Donald will get the call soon, too.

It's nice to see the Phillies give a lot of these prospects and minor league veterans some experience with the big club, just don't expect too much from them. A low leverage pinch hit at-bat and some mop-up duty will likely be all they are called on to do. After all, there's an NL East title to win, and if these guys were going to be big contributors they would already have been in the majors.


EnriqueFed said...

Who's the next guy to get the call?

Anonymous said...

If Swindle ever pitches one more pitch in the majors for the Phils I will personally find Gillick to slap him. No offense to swindle as a person, but he may be the worst pitcher to ever throw in the majors. FACT.

Anonymous said...

David Newhan- just like the ending of Bull Durham.