Monday, September 29, 2008

Eagles come up a yard short against Bears

(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)
It was a game of missed opportunities for the Birds. Fumbles, interceptions, missed field goals and the ability to gain a yard on three consecutive plays all led to a disappointing loss for the Eagles to the Chicago Bears, 24-20.

As expected, the Eagles played the game without Brian Westbrook, and as expected, the offense was a shell of what we have seen so far this year. The Eagles fell behind early in the game and as they tried to fight their way back in, they found it increasingly difficult as the Bears didn't respect the ground game at all and completely focused on stopping the Eagles aerial attack. And, when the Eagles finally did need their ground game to come through at the goal line and gain one measly yard, the Bears defense proved up to the task and stuffed the Birds.

The only thing that kept the Eagles in the game was the defense, who made big plays (2 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries) and came up with crucial stops throughout the game, except at the very end. With the Bears backed up on the own goal line after stopping the Eagles at the one, the defense failed to stop the Bears from gaining a first down, which allowed Chicago to run the clock way down and gave Donovan McNabb no time to try to win the game.

It was a disappointing loss for the Eagles, who looked poised to win the game with a solid second half effort. Their inability to stick it in the endzone, a problem that plagued them last year, is once again becoming an issue this year. Birds fans will also take no solace in the fact that if Brian Westbrook had played this game, the Eagles would have very likely won. Hopefully he can be ready next week against the first place Redskins, a game that suddenly looks very daunting, considering the Skins just knocked off the Cowboys.

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EnriqueFed said...

Anyone else wondering why Andy Reid didn't call for a QB sneak on any of those goal line plays??