Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Marlins finally solve Moyer

(AP Photo/Tom Mihalek)
I guess all good things do have to come to an end eventually. Entering tonight's game, Jamie Moyer had a career record of 10-0 against the Florida Marlins. Unfortunately for Moyer, he didn't bring his best stuff tonight, and although he did well to fight his way out of jams, the Marlins finally hung a loss on Old Man Moyer, winning 8-2.

Moyer pitched five innings and found himself in a jam in every inning except his last. I have never seen him have as much trouble throwing strikes as he did tonight, allowing 6 hits and 3 walks. He was lucky that he only give up 2 runs, and if the Phillie offense gave him anything, he could have escaped with his perfect record in tact.

The Phillies emptied the bullpen in this game, letting Les Walrond and J.A. Happ finally get some pitches in. Both didn't look good, with Happ in particular getting bombed for 4 runs in two innings. When Happ came in, the Phillies were down only two runs and still had a shot to come back, but Happ couldn't keep the Marlins off the basepaths, giving up 4 hits and walking 2. Even though Happ was thrust into a situation he isn't familiar with, it certainly wasn't the effort the Phillies wanted from someone who might be starting games for them in the coming weeks.

Offensively the Phillies really got nothing going all game. Shane Victorino did homer to continue his scorching play as of late but the Phils were unable to string together any hits against the Marlins. They even made former Phillie Arthur Rhodes look good when he struck out two batters in the 8th.

The Marlins are now 1.5 games out of first place. The series continues tomorrow with Kyle Kendrick pitching against Anibal Sanchez.

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