Monday, August 4, 2008

Updated: Depressed Andrews had gun pulled on him in Philly

People that have been wondering for weeks as to why Shawn Andrews was not in Eagles camp finally got their answer today: he's battling depression. The speculation all along was that Andrews was not in the proper mental state for training camp although some thought he was holding out for more money. Andrews said that "I'm willing to admit that I've been going through a very bad time with depression" and that he's "finally decided to get professional help."

Andrews doesn't know what is causing the depression, but he has problems sleeping and concentrating on anything. He is being find 15,000 dollars each day he misses camp but it is smart for him to stay away until he gets better. The last thing the Eagles need is for a 300 pound lineman to not be concentrating on what he is doing and getting someone hurt.

Andrews has given no timetable for a return although he thinks he might show up by the end of this week. Andrews is a Pro Bowler so the Eagles will welcome him back, but it isn't necessarily guaranteed that he will simply be given his starting spot back. By all reports, Max Jean-Gilles has been doing a fine job filling in at guard and may have proven that he can be a starter in the NFL. Gilles hasn't shown much in the past, but he was a fourth round pick by the Eagles in 2006 and has great size and athleticism. He has had problems keeping his weight down in the past.

UPDATED: has updated their story to include information about Andrews having a gun pulled on him in Philadelphia. Here's a quote from the article:

"A lot of things in my life have happened even since I've come to Philadelphia," Andrews said. "Random people have pulled out a gun on me. One time during the playoffs, some guy walked from around a building and said, 'You're going to the Pro Bowl? [blank] him, he's not going to the Pro Bowl.' Luckily, I was talking to someone and I didn't hear him. If I heard it, I think I'd have been on the ground."

Not sure what to say about this bit of news. He's vague about how many times a gun has been pulled on him, but once is more than enough. Let's hope Andrews gets his mind right before coming into Eagles camp.


Anonymous said...

Gilles was a 4th-round pick

EnriqueFed said...

Fixed the post, thanks. I must have been thinking of Winston Justice.