Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eagles cut 3, roster down to 77

By Tuesday, the Eagles need to cut their roster down to 75 players. The Eagles started that process on Saturday by releasing three players: WR Frantz Hardy, FB Luke Lawton and G Cameron Stephenson. None of these three cuts are surprising, although Lawton was acquired in June from the Colts for a conditional draft pick. Hopefully the condition was that if he didn't make the team, no draft pick would be given to the Colts. Lawton was expendable in the battle for the starting fullback, especially with the recent transition of Tony Hunt into the role. Now, Hunt, Jed Collins and Jason Davis will fight over the spot, with Hunt probably given every opportunity to grab the spot if he can learn where and when to block.

Hardy and Stephenson were not expected to make the team and they likely aren't even fodder for the practice squad.

The Eagles need to make two more cuts in the coming days and there have been some rumors that Monte Reagor might be on his way out. Reagor is dealing with injuries but is lost in the shuffle at defensive tackle. Even if he isn't cut by Tuesday, there is little chance of him being on the team, unless they place him on the injured list.

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