Friday, August 8, 2008

It's official: Westbrook, Eagles agree to new deal

Yesterday it was reported that Brian Westbrook was telling people that he had a new deal, today we have confirmation from Terms of the deal were not announced, but you can bet it is something less than the 3 years, 30 million dollars that Westbrook wanted. Westbrook is arguably one of the top five running backs in the league and is definitely the most valuable offensive player the Eagles have, so whatever bonus or extension he received is worth it. As long as Westbrook can stay relatively healthy, I hope he's an Eagle for at least five more years.

This is also a great move for the Eagles, who finally show they are willing to restructure a player's contract to give him what he is worth, something they are always reluctant to do. They deserve credit for realizing Westbrook's importance and getting this thing done.

UPDATE: According to's Bob Brookover, Westbrook will receive 13 million dollars in new money and 21 million over the next three seasons. Westbrook could also receive up to 3 million more in performance bonuses.


Brian said...

Some where T.O is speechless!

EnriqueFed said...

Yep, it just goes to show, doing sit-ups in your driveway won't get you paid.