Monday, May 2, 2011

Experts weigh in on Eagles 2011 draft

Grading an NFL draft before any of the players take a snap in the NFL is pretty pointless; no one can really know how good these players are going to be in May. That said, it's still interesting to at least get a gauge on how the experts think the Eagles did in their draft. While the Birds didn't make any flashy picks like they have in years past, they certainly had a solid draft and addressed some of their needs. Here is just a sampling of what some experts are saying about the Eagles draft:

Mel Kiper, ESPN: C+
This feels like last year. I look at the Philly board and think, "Well, they got a lot of guys." The Eagles targeted what I considered their three biggest needs with their first three picks. The selection of Watkins surprised some people, as he may have been available even into the early second round, but they may believe he has the capability to stay at tackle. I think he's a guard. Elsewhere, Jarrett provides depth at safety, and Marsh will be asked to step in early at corner. David Akers can't feel too confident about his future in Philly, as Henery was the first kicker off the board. The looming question now is what picks or players will come back if and when the Eagles decide to deal Kevin Kolb.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: B
I like the pick of Danny Watkins in the first round. He is a nasty player who will fit in on their offensive line, which needs help. Fourth-round pick Casey Matthews, Clay's little brother, will help at a position of need. Should be a good special-teams player, as well. The Eagles always seem to do a good job in the draft. This year was no different. The key might be second-round safety Jaiquawn Jarrett.

Adam Caplan, Fox Sports
: B-
The Eagles were able to secure at least three future starters with their first three selections. However, selecting a kicker in the fourth round is a bit questionable.

Clifton Brown, Sporting News: C-
Danny Watkins will help the offensive line, but they could have used a pass rusher, and some of their defensive picks may have been reaches.

For my full run-down of the Eagles draft, click here.
I give the Eagles a B-. They addressed their needs on the offensive line and in the secondary but they didn't even draft a defensive lineman. They must be waiting until free agency to fill that hole.

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I don't know, it wasn't great...I think Id give it a c too...