Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gonna need another miracle: Flyers trashed by Bruins, trail series 0-3

If the Flyers plan on advancing past the Bruins again this year, they are going to need another miracle. Unfortunately, given what this team has shown us in this series, that miracle isn't going to happen.

The Bruins whipped the Flyers from start to finish in Game 3, getting two goals in the first minute and then dominating the rest of the way for a 5-1 win. The Bruins were by far the better team, dominating the physical game as well as the scoreboard for the entire night. From the Bruins control of the puck to Tim Thomas in net, nothing the Flyers did allowed them to get any traction towards a comeback. Game 3 was simply a lost cause for the Flyers as they failed to show up defensively in the beginning and then didn't have the determination to get back into the game.

After what happened last year, some fans might jokingly suggest that the Flyers have the Bruins right where they want them. While they did pull off the miracle comeback and won four straight games last year, nothing that we have seen from the Flyers in this series gives us any reason to have hope. The Flyers are a mess on defense, have below average goaltending at best and haven't been able to solve Thomas. Is there a chance that they somehow figure everything out and reel off four wins again? Sure, but this Bruins team is better than last year and they have shown they can hang with even the best that the Flyers have to offer. The difference this year starts with Thomas, who should be able to win one more game in this series on his own.

While I'm hoping they turn it around, it appears the Flyers are headed for a second round exit. Given how dominant they were for the majority of the regular season, that would be nothing short of a disappointment. I guess we're all pretty used to that in Philadelphia.


HoffenheimFan101 said...

NOT AGAIN! I really hate the way that the flyers enjoy having their backs to the wall. I have to say that there will be a large amount of boos for the Bruins IF the flyers win the series.

allthingsphilly said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen