Monday, March 21, 2011

Who wants Kevin Kolb?

While the news that came out today about the Eagles receiving offers for Kevin Kolb is meaningless since teams can't make trades right now, it's still interesting to speculate about which teams might have interest in the Eagles backup quarterback. Since the rumor is that the Eagles are receiving first round offers for Kolb, we can look at which teams with first round picks need quarterbacks and start making some guesses:

1. Panthers
3. Bills
4. Bengals
5. Cardinals
6. Browns
7. Niners
8. Titans
10. Redskins
12. Vikings
15. Dolphins
16. Jaguars
25. Seahawks

First, we can eliminate the Panthers, who are probably going to draft a quarterback with the first overall pick. In fact, we can go ahead and eliminate everyone in the top 10, since they would have to be crazy to give up that high of a pick for Kolb. That leaves a few interesting options left, including the Vikings, though the 12th pick is still probably too high. The most likely option is probably the worst pick of the bunch, as the Seahawks have to be pretty desperate to move on from the Matt Hasselbeck era. If I'm the Eagles, I feel pretty good about moving Kolb for the 25th pick.

Of course, if the labor issues don't get figured out soon, the rumored draft picks would be for the 2012 draft and the Eagles would simply be rolling the dice, speculating on the quality of team they are sending Kolb to and gambling on a high selection. In that scenario, I would think the Eagles would be smart to hold onto Kolb as insurance if/when Michael Vick gets banged up. Unless they can pull in a decent veteran backup, like Carson Palmer or (shudder) Vince Young, the Eagles might be better off keeping Kolb, anyway.

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