Thursday, March 17, 2011

GQ: Phillies fans are "The Worst Sports Fans in America"

Using every cliche in the book, GQ has decided that Phillies fans are the Worst Sports Fans in America. Second Worst? Yep, Eagles fans. Citing our booing of our star players and (gasp!) Santa Claus, the cheering when Michael Irvin got injured and when that moron got tased and our favorite puking fan, GQ puts us atop their list and calls us the "meanest fans". Penn State fans finished 7th as well.

First thought: since when did GQ become an expert on sports? Second thought: talk about a lazy piece of journalism, the guy trotted out every stereotype and didn't bother to do any real research or come up with any new arguments. Oh well, I'm pretty sure nobody reads GQ anymore.

Thanks to Matt Gelb on Twitter for the heads up.


HoffenheimFan101 said...

No DUH Philly has the meanest fans in the country. W have to rename this place Hockeytown! Detroit can't have ALL the fun!

HoffenheimFan101 said...

Hey-Don't forget our favorite Flyers Dancing Man!