Monday, March 28, 2011

Phillies aces on cover of Sports Illustrated

In an extremely smart decision, Sports Illustrated has decided to put the Phillies Four Aces (and Joe Blanton!) on the cover of their baseball preview issue that comes out this week. Before you get too worried about any kind of curse, remember that Roy Halladay was on the cover of their baseball preview last season and he did just fine. Try not to get drool all over the cover.


Anonymous said...

Smart to put them on the cover. Even smarter to pick the Red Sox to GO....ALL....THE.....WAY!!!!

Yeah baby!

HoffenheimFan101 said...

Yeah, right. The Phils will win it all if they stay healthy (which they really stink at), and if the BATS work!

Anonymous said...

Sox 0-3, Philly 3-0