Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What are the chances? Chondromalacia strikes another Philly sports athlete!

Apparently, there is a case of chondromalacia going around Philadelphia.

According to PR man Michael Preston, despite his efforts to help the Sixers erase a big 4th quarter deficit against the Utah Jazz, Andre Iguodala has a knee injury that could sideline him for a few days. That injury? None other than the same injury that is currently sidelining Chase Utley, chondromalacia, which is also known as runner's knee. Yep, two of the biggest stars in Philly are both sidelined with the same injury that most of us had never heard of until a week ago.

Hopefully Iguodala has a quicker recovery than Utley or the Sixers are going to be making an even faster than expected first round playoff exit.

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