Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do the Sixers know the offseason has started?

Someone wake up Ed Stefanski, I'm afraid he's napping through the offseason. The Sixers, coming off a .500 season and a few good playoff games, seem to have forgotten that now is the time to improve their team. Now, I know that the Sixers are hampered by the huge contracts they gave out last summer to Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala, but if this team wants to improve on their medicority of the past few seasons they need to actually get some better players.

So far this offseason, the Sixers have made two additions to the team: Jrue Holiday and Jason Kapono. Also, you can add in a new coach in Eddie Jordan and the changing of their logo. As for losses, the Sixers will be without starting point guard Andre Miller and role players Theo Ratliff, Donyell Marshall, Royal Ivey and Kareem Rush. That's a lot of veteran players going, and not a whole lot coming to Philly.

So, what's the deal Stefanski? Letting Miller go was probably inevitable, he wanted more money and more years than he probably deserved. But what's the plan at point guard now? The only two players on the roster that can play point are Lou Williams and Holiday, neither of whom are ready to be the consistent presence you need running an offense. If the Sixers have no other plans to bring in a point guard this offseason, then why draft someone who is two years away from being a solid NBA contributor?

Like I said, I understand that the Sixers are loaded up with big contracts, making adding quality players difficult. Still, outside of the longshot possibility that they manage to pull of a sign and trade with Andre Miller, the Sixers might already be done maneuvering this offseason. Yes, the addition of Jason Kapono will give the team a three point threat, something they lacked last season, but is the team truly better today than it was at the end of last season?

Listed below is the Sixers current roster. I would say, besides a point guard, the Sixers also need to add another big man to the mix. This team is also loaded with too many quasi-shooting guard/small forwards.

Jrue Holiday
Andre Iguodala
Willie Green
Lou Williams

Elton Brand
Thaddeus Young
Jason Kapono
Marreese Speights
Jason Smith

Samuel Dalembert

There is still time for the Sixers to wake up and do something to upgrade their roster. It may take a trade, but it's time for Stefanski to get creative and get something done before this offseason is over, or it could be another long, mediocrity-filled season for the Sixers.

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