Friday, May 29, 2009

No surprise here: Sixers hire Eddie Jordan to coach

We all knew Sixers GM Ed Stefanski would hire someone that he was comfortable with to coach the Philadelphia Sixers, so it came as no surprise when the Sixers announced today that they have hired Eddie Jordan to be the Head Coach. Jordan, who worked with Stefanski in New Jersey, signed a three year contract with the Sixers. Jordan previously coached the Washington Wizards for 4 years and built up a career record of 230-288.

Jordan's career record is pretty bad, so hopefully Stefanski knows something about Jordan that we don't. As long as Jordan is willing to let the team get out and run, he should be a good fit for the Sixers. His greatest challenge will likely be trying to figure out how to integrate Elton Brand into the team.

The Sixers won't sell a lot of tickets with the hiring of Jordan, but that doesn't mean it was a bad move. Hopefully this hiring is not a case of nepotism and is instead a move for an underrated coach. Only time will tell, but hopefully he can be more successful than the other coaches that have come in and out of town since Larry Brown was here.

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