Friday, July 10, 2009

The entire Phillies outfield is going to the All-Star Game

With Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran ruled out of the upcoming All-Star Game due to injury, NL manager Charlie Manuel needed a replacement, and he didn't have to look far. Phillies right fielder Jayson Werth has been added to the All-Star roster, meaning the entire Phillies outfield is going to St. Louis. The last time a team sent all three outfielders to the All-Star Game was 1995, when the Indians sent their starting trio.

While some may wonder why Pablo Sandoval wasn't added to the roster after he barely lost to Shane Victorino in the Final Vote, Werth is certainly a deserving selection. Werth hit his 20th homer yesterday and is on pace for a ridiculous 40 homer, 117 runs, 107 RBI season.

The All-Star news just keeps getting better for the Phillies. There is also talk that Shane Victorino may even be a starter for the NL since the team doesn't have anyone else who is a natural center fielder. Ah, the perks of being World Champs.

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