Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lito fails to show up for mini-camp. Should we be surprised?

Perhaps Lito Sheppard isn't enticed with the idea of playing wide receiver?

The Eagles started their voluntary mini-camp today and two players skipped it: DB Lito Sheppard and OL Scott Young. I know, I can't believe Young was a no-show either!

Seriously though, should we be mad at Sheppard for not showing up? He is under contract with the Eagles for four more years but there is nothing in his contract that says he has to go to a voluntary mini-camp. Of course, when 98% of the team shows up and you skip out, he doesn't exactly look like a team player.

It will be a much bigger story if Lito skips training camp. After all, he did show up for the mandatory mini-camp last month. Missing training camp this August would make a much bigger statement about how unhappy Lito really is.

Let's not get too upset about Lito missing time now. There are still plenty of opportunities for both sides to mend fences and figure out how to co-exist. Hopefully this is a situation that can be resolved either through a trade or through a mutual understanding, otherwise this could turn into an off-field distraction of TO proportions. Although Lito could never be that big of a pest, let's hope the Eagles have learned their lesson.

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