Friday, June 27, 2008

It's (finally) official: Jeff Carter signs with the Flyers

We knew that Jeff Carter was going to sign with the Flyers, we just didn't know when they would finally make it official. Well, it appears that Carter has finally signed the 3 year, 15 million dollar deal just a few days before he would have become a restricted free agent.

My thoughts on the signing are the same as before: I am happy to have Carter back in the fold, but the price is awfully high for a guy who has never scored 30 goals and will be a third line center. If he lives up to the flashes of potential that he showed in the playoffs, then he will be worth 5 million a year. If he continues his inconsistent play where he disappears for long stretches at a time, then the Flyers badly overpaid.


Anonymous said...

He broke his stick as he was shooting for an empty netter near end of season, which would have been #30, so give him a break!
I think he gets between 35-40
goals this season.

EnriqueFed said...

Let's hope so! 35-40 goals would be a big step up, and that would definitely make him worth the money!