Friday, June 20, 2008

Flyers ship R.J. Umberger to Columbus

The NHL Draft is under way and several teams have made big moves, including the Flyers. The Flyers, unable to afford the recently signed Jeff Carter, R.J. Umberger and a top defenseman in Free Agency, have created cap space for themselves by trading Umberger and the 119th pick to the Columbus Blue Jackets for two 2008 draft picks, the 19th pick of the first round and the 67th pick in the third round.

While I hate to see Umberger go, the Flyers were smart to deal him now after his hot playoff run. Umberger scored 10 goals in the playoffs, so his value was never going to be any higher. Plus, the Flyers are dealing from a strength, since Umberger is really a center and the Flyers are loaded down the middle. Of course, this deal makes sense only if the Flyers do go out and bring in one of the top free agent defensemen, like a Brian Campbell, with the extra money they now have. The 19 pick in the draft will also be used for someone who will help down the road.

Another nice move by Paul Holmgren. Umberger was a great player, but the extra cap space and the high draft pick are too good to pass up.


Anonymous said...

It is a shame to see UMBERGER go. Fantastic player for any team. Maybe he will be able to shake off the fear of the big hit and make the flyers sorry that they traded him.

Anonymous said...

It was a shame to see Umberger go but the biggest shame is that Philly management thinks Carter is worth 15 Million or that he is better than Umberger. Sorry guys but that was a big mistake losing Umberger and keeping Carter. Umberger could do it all and I'm sorry but I didn't see anything impressive from Carter. Thank god he was in front of the net and didn't have to do much for all the goals he got this year. Most were based on luck and not talent.