Monday, April 11, 2011

Sixers to face Heat in first round

The Sixers clinched the playoffs over a week ago, but, after their loss to the Magic on Monday, we have just now learned who their opponent will be: the Miami Heat. While the Sixers looked like a strong contender to earn the 6th seed in the East, losing 4 of their last 5 games dropped them below the Knicks and into the 7th seed, forcing them to take on LeBron and the number 2 seeded Heat.

Given how the Sixers fared against the Heat this season, losing all three times they faced them by at least 9 points, it should be a quick playoff showing for Philly. While any of the top teams in the East were going to be difficult for the Sixers, it was no secret that they hoped to get a shot at the Celtics, a team they have shown they can hang with this season. The Heat just aren't a good matchup for the Sixers.

According to John Finger of CSN on Twitter, the Sixers/Heat series will start on Sunday. Check back later for more on this series.

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