Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Michael Leighton clears waivers, returns to Flyers

Well, now he's officially back with the Flyers: Michael Leighton has cleared waivers. With every team in the NHL passing on the former Stanley Cup Playoff standout, despite being able to have him for half his salary, Leighton will now return to the Flyers and could be with the team as early as Friday.

GM Paul Holmgren made it clear that Leighton will be starting one of the final few games of the season but that doesn't mean he will be a starter in the playoffs. The move to bring back Leighton was strictly for depth, a move that gives them insurance should Sergei Bobrovsky not be able to shoulder the load in the playoffs.

Of course, you just know that Leighton is going to backstop the Flyers to their first shutout of the season.

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HoffenheimFan101 said...

Yahoo! Leighton is the perfect one for the playoffs!