Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kevin Kolb to the Eagles: Start me or Trade me

The Eagles season has been over for just a few hours and we already have out first rumor: Kevin Kolb wants to be a starting quarterback next season. While that news isn't that surprising, the Inquirer is reporting that if Kolb isn't going to be the Eagles starting quarterback next season, he will demand a trade.

While the Eagles would be smart to hold on to Kolb as insurance if/when Michael Vick gets injured, there might be no better time to trade Kolb than now. With several teams looking for quarterbacks this offseason, including the Vikings and Niners, the Eagles could get a decent draft pick for Kolb. Of course, with the NFL labor situation looking dicey, who knows if teams will even be making trades.

The bottom line in this whole situation is that if Kevin Kolb gives the Eagles a start me or trade me ultimatum, he should start packing his bags. Despite the interception he threw to end the season, this is Michael Vick's team now.


Justin F. said...

Trade him.

It's Vick's team like you said, and he has real value. I'd guess he'd be worth at least a 2nd rounder, no?

allthingsphilly said...

Yeah, my guess is they can get a second for him, which is exactly where he was drafted! I saw some places saying they could get a 1st round pick but that seems ridiculous.

Justin F. said...

I think the market for QBs this year could work in the Eagles favor, as well as Andrew Luck staying in Stanford, but ultimately, I still see it as a 2nd round pick for Kolb. Only if one team is real desperate will there be a 1st round pick.

lars1459 said...

Vick is really good. No way do I want to see him in the Packers division.