Thursday, January 27, 2011

Could Jeff Fisher be the Eagles next defensive coordinator?

With Jeff Fisher and the Titans going their separate ways, it was only natural for this question to come up: could Fisher be the Eagles answer for their defensive coordinator opening? While it makes a ton of sense, from his ties to the Eagles organization to his mastery of the 4-3 scheme, don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

Sure, Fisher would be a perfect fit for the Eagles, but you can bet there will be a few of teams willing to hand him a head coaching gig right away. Fisher also could take a year off and essentially hand pick his next coaching job. The best chance the Eagles could have to land Fisher is if he decides to take a year to figure out his next move and decides to temporarily take a less stressful assistant position.

With plenty of sources already saying that Fisher won't be taking a defensive coordinator job with the Eagles or any other team, what looked like a perfect match seems extremely unlikely to happen. You can't blame Andy Reid if he at least gives Fisher a call, though.

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Anonymous said...

lets just fire that fat slob and hire fisher