Sunday, January 30, 2011

ESPN: Eagles to franchise Vick, possibly deal Kolb

Adam Schefter is reporting what we basically have known for a few weeks: the Eagles are planning to use the franchise tag on Michael Vick and will listen to trade offers for backup quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Slapping the franchise tag on Vick is a no-brainer to keep the Pro Bowl QB in an Eagles uniform. While the Eagles will have to pay a premium to keep Vick, if he can put together another season like last year, he will be worth every penny.

As for Kolb, who has already said he wants out if he isn't starting for the Eagles, this may be the perfect time to deal him. With a number of teams searching for a starting quarterback and Kolb set to make just over a million dollars next season, there should be plenty of offers for the Eagles to mull over. Expect the Birds to only make a move if they are given an offer they can't refuse, like multiple 1st and 2nd round picks, since Kolb is still valuable backup for the Eagles behind the injury-prone Vick. Should the Eagles deal Kolb, look for them to seek out a veteran backup that could be counted on to start a game or two.

Of course, none of this can really happen until a new CBA is worked out, which could be months from now, if then.

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