Sunday, July 11, 2010

Report: Michael Vick banned from leaving Pennsylvania

I've made a point of avoiding the Michael Vick situation the last few weeks, hoping that it would blow over and not have an effect on the football field. Unfortunately, the time where it might effect the Eagles has come: probation officials have reportedly banned Michael Vick from leaving the state of Pennsylvania while they continue to investigate his role at a shooting after his birthday party.

How long he will be banned from leaving the state and what this means for Eagles road games this season is unclear. Chances are, if he is still not allowed to leave Pennsylvania when the season starts, he will be able to clear each of the Eagles road games with probation officials and still play in every game.

While rumors continue to persist that the Eagles might cut Vick at any time, they have spent so much time defending him over the last few weeks that it seems likely they will stick with him as their backup quarterback. If this ban from leaving the state lingers for too long, though, the Birds would be wise to formulate a backup plan at backup quarterback. Let's just hope Kevin Kolb doesn't get hurt this season.

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