Monday, July 26, 2010

Projecting the 2010 Eagles 53 man roster, Ver. 1.0

With Training Camp getting under way, it's time to start taking a look at how the Eagles roster will shape up. With all the turnover this offseason, there are going to be some interesting battles amongst a slew of young, hungry players working their tail off to make the team.

This post is my first attempt at predicting what the Eagles 53 man roster will look like for the first game of the season and I will update it every week or so right up until the Eagles make their final cuts. Below the roster list I have also listed several players who are on the bubble and I gave reasons why they might not make the team. Feel free to help me out, and as this is my first pass at predicting the roster this season, let me know if I'm leaving anyone off or if you agree or disagree with my choices.

QB(3): Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick, Mike Kafka

RB(3): LeSean McCoy, Mike Bell, Charles Scott

FB (1): Leonard Weaver

WR(5): DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Hank Baskett, Riley Cooper

TE(3): Brent Celek, Cornelius Ingram, Clay Harbor

LT(2): Jason Peters, King Dunlap

LG(2): Todd Herremans, Max Jean-Gilles

C(2): Nick Cole, Dallas Reynolds

RG(2): Stacy Andrews, Mike McGlynn

RT(2): Winston Justice, Fenuki Tupou

DE(6): Trent Cole, Brandon Graham, Juqua Parker, Darryl Tapp, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Ricky Sapp

DT(4): Brodrick Bunkley, Mike Patterson, Trevor Laws, Antonio Dixon

LB(6): Stewart Bradley, Ernie Sims, Moise Fokou, Omar Gaither, Akeem Jordan, Keenan Clayton

CB(5): Asante Samuel, Ellis Hobbs, Joselio Hanson, Macho Harris, Trevard Lindley

FS(2): Nate Allen, Quintin Demps

SS(2): Quintin Mikell, Kurt Coleman

Special Teams:
K(1): David Akers

P(1): Sav Rocca

LS(1): Jon Dorenbos

Likely to start season on injured list: Jamaal Jackson, Victor Abiamiri
Jackson will hopefully be back at starting center by midseason. As for Abiamiri, when is he not hurt?

Players on the bubble:
RB: Eldra Buckley
The drafting of Charles Scott has pushed Buckley off the roster. While Buckley is the better special teamer, Scott is a big, bruising runner who will be a nice compliment to LeSean McCoy.

WR: Jordan Norwood, Chad Hall
The Eagles went with 6 receivers last year but I don't see them going that route this time. Expect Chad Hall, who looks like he could be a great return guy, to get a close look, but I don't see him beating out Riley Cooper. Norwood looks like a lock to be a practice squad guy for another year.

TE: Martin Rucker
As long as Cornelius Ingram is healthy, the Eagles have to keep him as the backup over Rucker.

OL: A.Q, Shipley, Greg Isdaner, Austin Howard
There will be plenty of competition for the last offensive line spot between Dallas Reynolds and these three players. I gave the edge to Reynolds simply because he's been around the longest but look for Shipley to make a strong push to be the backup center.

DL: Jeff Owens
Not enough room for the rookie from Georgia.

LB: Joe Mays, Alex Hall, Jamar Chaney
Wow, the Eagles linebackers are incredibly deep. Or, maybe they are just all equally mediocre? In the coming weeks, the picture should get a lot clearer but the Eagles have 9 guys with a legitimate shot of making the team. Since I can't see them keeping more than 6, there are going to be three tough cuts. Despite being a great 7th round pick, Chaney is the most likely to go, followed by Joe Mays, who blew his chance to make an impact last season. As for Alex Hall, I see the Eagles finding a way to keep the hybrid DE/LB around but right now there aren't any open spots.

CB: Dimitri Patterson, Geoff Pope
No more room at CB but Pope could be a practice squad guy.

P: Ken Parrish
I'm very tempted to put Parrish on the roster and dump Rocca, but the incumbent has to be given the nod. For now.

That's the team as I see it. Did I leave anyone off? Who needs to be cut? Discuss in the comments section.


Brian said...

My differences:

Dimitri Patterson in at CB, w/ Macho Harris moving over to Safety, and Kurt Coleman not in the 53.

Joe Mays in a LB, and Omar Gaither out. I believe Gaither is only under contract for this season, so I wouldn't be surprised if they stick with the younger Mays as a backup.

One more to watch is WR Chad Hall, who could take some of the return game pressure off DeSean. I'm not sure where to create room for him though. Maybe Baskett doesn't make it, or maybe they only carry 9 OL like I believe they've done in the past.

Joe W. Linden (IPWT) said...

isn't Ricky Sapp being moved to linebacker?

allthingsphilly said...

Apparently not, at least not at this time. McDermott said he will stay at DE to start training camp.

Adam Hinesley said...

I think the question mark is Hank Baskett. The FO likes him too much to cut him but I'd like to see Chad Hall make the team as the 5th receiver. He looks to have a real passion for the game, plus he's a sneaky and quick little fucker.

I agree with everything else though.

allthingsphilly said...

I think it all depends on what they think they need as their 5th WR. Do they need another possession guy like Baskett or will Jason Avant be enough? Or, do they want another speed threat like Hall? Of course, they could go with 6 WR's like they did last year and keep both.