Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eagles bring back Tracy White

The Eagles clearly didn't like the depth they had at Training Camp. In yet another move today, the Eagles have brought back linebacker Tracy White. As we all remember from the last two seasons, White is a leader on special teams who also played some in nickel packages. White should be in the mix with rookie linebackers Keenan Clayton and Jamar Chaney for a roster spot. Given his special teams prowess and his team-first attitude, I wouldn't be surprised to see White suited up in Week 1.

To make room for White on the training camp roster, the Eagles have released running back Martell Mallett. Mallett, a star in the CFL last year, was signed back in January but was made expendable with the acquisition of J.J. Arrington. Given that Mallett's biggest strength was catching the ball out of the backfield, something Arrington has already proven he can do in the NFL, he had no shot of making the team.

Over the course of the last two days, the Eagles have traded out Joe Mays and Mallett and replaced them with White and Arrington, players that are better fits for their system. Neither addition is a huge move but they are both slight improvements to the depth at Training Camp.

Update: The Eagles have already brought Mallett back into camp and released fullback Dewayne Wright. Neither will make the team, anyway.

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