Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Phillies talking with Pedro about comeback?

Not that it has been a big secret, but Enrique Rojas of ESPN is reporting that the Phillies are talking with Pedro Martinez about a midseason return to the team. Ruben Amaro has said publicly for months now that the Phils would be interested in bringing back Pedro if he wanted to continue his career. Given how he pitched down the stretch for the Phillies last season, slotting Pedro back in the rotation would give a boost to the Phillies and not force them to rely on Jamie Moyer or Kyle Kendrick.

I'm not sure why ESPN is just now picking up on a story that has been ongoing for months; perhaps it means the Phillies are closing in on a deal with Pedro. While pitching hasn't been the big issue with the Phillies in their recent slide, bringing back Pedro would once again provide the Phillies with strong pitching depth. Hopefully the Phils are looking at all options, though, and not assuming that a 38 year old pitcher can once again go 5-1 with a 3.63 ERA.

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Anonymous said...

Amaro really shot down the idea today and said he never said what espn had him saying but i think he is a liar you know they gotta be looking at this guy especially if we dont get Happ back soon because Kendrick is terrible i can deal with the old man