Friday, June 11, 2010

7 draft picks signed, 6 more to go for the Eagles

Even though were are still months away from any meaningful football that doesn't mean the Eagles aren't hard at work getting their team together. As expected when you draft 13 players, the Eagles have been hard at work signing all of their rookie players. So far, the Birds have managed to reach agreements with 7 of their picks, most of whom were picked in the later rounds. The early round picks, like Brandon Graham and Nate Allen, will take longer to sign as the agents and teams wait to see what kind of money early round picks get.

Here is a complete list of Eagles draft picks and their contract status:

Brandon Graham, DE: No contract yet
Nate Allen, S: No contract yet
Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, DE: No contract yet
Trevard Lindley, CB: 4 years, 2.31 million, $525,000 signing bonus
Keenan Clayton, LB: 4 years, unknown salary, unknown signing bonus
Mike Kafka, QB: No contract yet
Clay Harbor, TE/FB: No contract yet
Ricky Sapp, DE: 4 years, unknown salary, $212,000 signing bonus
Riley Cooper, WR: No contract yet
Charles Scott, RB: 4 years, 1.88 million, $90,000 signing bonus
Jamar Chaney, LB: 4 years, 1.85 million, $60,000 signing bonus
Jeff Owens, DT: 4 years, 1.83 million, $44,000 signing bonus
Kurt Coleman, S: 4 years, 1.883 million, $43,400 signing bonus

All salary information comes from the National Football Post. I will update this list as more players are signed and as more salaries are announced.

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