Friday, June 25, 2010

Flyers pursuing goaltender Evgeni Nabokov

With Dan Hamhuis now out of the picture, it appears the Flyers are setting their sights on getting a new starting goaltender. According to Tim Panaccio of CSNPhilly, the Flyers are one of two teams that are going after former Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabokov. Just like Hamhuis, Nabokov is set to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st, so the Flyers are once again looking to acquire the rights to negotiate a player before he is made available to every team.

While I will hold off on passing any judgment on this situation until the Flyers actually make a move, Nabokov wouldn't be one of my preferred choices at starting goaltender. Sure, Nabby is a good regular season goaltender, posting a 2.39 GAA and .912 save percentage in 10 years with the Sharks, but what big games has he won in his career? Also, Nabokov is almost 35 years old and made 6 million dollars last season; how much money and how many years will he demand? Plus, what exactly will the Flyers be giving up to get these negotiating rights? After the Hamhuis situation fell through, hopefully the Flyers are smart enough to not give up any major assets.

For the right price, Evgeni Nabokov could be a good Flyers goaltender. Even if this deal doesn't get done, it's nice to see the Flyers are aggressively trying to get better in net.


Anonymous said...

I love your site but tonight I had to laugh when you referred to Parent as a "major asset". He is a player that has had a lot of hype about what a great player he was is going to be. He has been given many chances to slowly develop those skills on a good team with great defenseman to carry the load and learn from. And quit frankly he just hasn’t cut it. He wasn't going to be a Flyer next year and his trade value was openly discussed at around a 6th round pick. Instead we get a 3rd and a 7th for him just for a little paperwork. O ya and they had the exclusive rights for a week before anyone else to negotiate with their #1 FA. So a deal wasn’t made. It was a long shot. But a 3rd and 7th for a walking dead player, brilliant Holmgren

allthingsphilly said...

In no way, shape or form did I refer to Ryan Parent as a major asset. I said that Holmgren better not give up a major asset to get Nabokov since there had been some talk he might try to shed salary in a deal to get him and mentioned nothing about Parent.