Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eagles trade Brandon Gibson for MLB Witherspoon

The NFL Trade Deadline is nothing like the baseball or hockey deadlines but occasionally some teams pull off interesting trades. The Eagles were one of those teams today, trading wide receiver Brandon Gibson and a 5th round draft pick to the Rams for veteran linebacker Will Witherspoon.

With Omar Gaither possibly out for a few weeks nursing a foot injury and Jeremiah Trotter being a disappointment at middle linebacker, this trade was a move the Eagles needed to make. Witherspoon, who is an 8 year NFL veteran with the Panthers and Rams, will step in immediately for the Eagles and be the starting MLB. Witherspoon is a hard-working player and a solid tackler who Andy Reid likes because of his ability to cover running backs and tight ends. Although Trotter hasn't been great so far, it is likely the Eagles will still employ a rotation at middle linebacker with Trotter in for running plays and Witherspoon in on obvious passing downs.

Trading Gibson, who was a training camp wonder, is a gamble that he will never reach his full potential. While he has plenty of upside, the Eagles are dealing from a strength so it isn't that big of a loss. When 5 other quality receivers are ahead of you on the depth chart, there really isn't any room for you.

While this trade doesn't guarantee the Eagles a Super Bowl run, it does help solidify their questionable linebacker situation. Ever since Stewart Bradley went down in the preseason, the Eagles have been trying everything to fill their middle linebacker spot. Hopefully Witherspoon can be a stopgap for the rest of the season.


Rude said...

Im happy to see the Eagles address a weak spot on their defense ..

Their Linebackers couldn't cover my g/f's tight-end ..

The Eagles should scout themselves.. as Andy Reid is horrible when it comes to in-game adjustments..

i.e. why would he keep calling 7-step drop passes when his QB was pressured all game .. why not call a 3-step or running plays? this type of horrible play-calling has been going on through-out his tenure .. he has had over a decade to correct his mistakes !

T-Bone said...

In answer to Rude's questions about Mr. Reid's myopic play calling, it's really quite simple: Reid is a smug, arrogant, narcissistic, but basically insecure, smacked ass who will NEVER take any team to a Super Bowl victory. His act became stale a few seasons ago, has become increasingly rancid ever since, and I think a majority of Birds' fans -- despite his playoff record -- would shed no tears to see him packed off to another city. Instead, the brain trust of "Team Gold Standard" is looking to extend his contract! I'm afraid we have many more years of the same old, same old looming on the horizon. What I'd really like to see is a cage match between Manuel and Reid, with the loser being run out of town. I have no doubt whatsoever that Charlie -- clearly the far superior head coach/manager -- would kick Reid's smacked ass from one side to the other, drop him from the top of the cage, and finish him off with a steel chair to the head. That that would be worth the price of admission!