Thursday, September 29, 2011

Phillies vs. Cardinals: NLDS Schedule

Updated: now with the latest pitching matchups and game times.

Here is the schedule, with probable pitchers, for the NLDS series between the Phillies and the Cardinals:

Game 1: Sat., 10/1: Cardinals (Lohse) @ Phillies (Halladay), 5:07 pm
Game 2: Sun., 10/2: Cardinals (Carpenter) @ Phillies (Lee), 8:37 pm
Game 3: Tues., 10/4: Phillies (Hamels) @ Cardinals (Garcia), TBD
Game 4: Wed., 10/5: Phillies (Oswalt) @ Cardinals (Jackson), TBD
Game 5: Fri., 10/7: Cardinals @ Phillies, TBD

The starters for the first two games have already been announced and I took my best guess for Games 3 and 4.  The Phillies will be fortunate if they can avoid Garcia, who is a tough lefty, until Game 4.  My prediction is Phillies in 4.  The starting pitching is too good to be denied by a Cardinals team with a lot of flaws.


Anonymous said...

How could they possibly avoid Garcia? He's starting game 3 and carpenter is game 2. La russa said it in a press conference. Genius. Late as usual on key information.

allthingsphilly said...

Updated with the latest pitching matchups.

Anon: It might help if you read it a little more carefully. Before the Cards changed their rotation, the Phillies would have been fortunate if they didn't have to face Garcia until Game 4. Now they aren't as fortunate.