Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eagles DT Mike Patterson is stable after morning collapse

Scary moment out of Lehigh this morning as Eagles DT Mike Patterson had convulsions, collapsed and was sent to the hospital on a stretcher. The early word from the Eagles is that Patterson is alert and in stable condition at the hospital. It sounds like he was dehydrated though he is still going through tests.

Training camp collapses are always a scary thing as big bodies don't mix well with heat. Patterson collapsed before the drills even started so his body clearly wasn't ready for the warm weather. I'll update as more news comes out but, thank goodness, it sounds like Patterson is going to be ok.

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Camp Stitch said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Mike and his family. I seized and stopped breathing in 2002 and had brain surgery in 2003 to remove an AVM and aneurysm from the right temporal lobe of my brain. I highly recommend an MRI, as my CT scan was perfectly normal. In addition UCSF and Stanford hospitals in Northern California have highly regarded specialists in this field.