Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eagles promote Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator

After an extensive search where they interviewed a number of defensive gurus from around the league, the Eagles have decided to promote Juan Castillo, their offensive line coach, to defensive coordinator. Yeah, that isn't a typo, the Eagles have decided that a guy who has been their offensive line coach since 1998 will coach their defense.

To call this move curious would be an understatement. The last time Castillo coached a defense was 1989 and it was a high school team. While Castillo will certainly have no problem fitting in on the Eagles coaching staff, it's definitely fair to question his knowledge of the defensive side of the ball since he has no NFL experience there. Needless to say, Castillo has a lot to prove.

To replace Castillo, the Eagles have hired Howard Mudd to coach the offensive line. Mudd had the same position with the Colts for nearly a decade and is considered one of the best o-line coaches in the game.

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